Happy October!

Hi All,

Opening this email with Joe Simitian’s endorsement made my day:  Pat has the smarts and the heart to serve Mountain View well, especially on housing and environmental issues. She’s done great work these last four years, and I strongly support her re-election.”

The Countdown is on: 38 days to the election!

The most important thing you can do to help me get re-elected is to precinct walk.

Let’s do some precinct walking this weekend! Let me know if you can make it at patshow4MV@gmail.com.

THIS WEEKEND is the best weekend to do precinct walking as ballots will be arriving in the mail next week. We want everyone in Mountain View to know about me/my campaign before the ballot arrives.

What is precinct walking?  You will be given a list of houses in a precinct where we know people have a history of voting – let us know whether you would like a paper list or would prefer to use the phone app. At each house, you knock on the door to see if anyone is home.  If they are, you have a short conversation about why you are supporting me for City Council. If no one is home, you can leave a door hanger on their front door. If you can talk, you can precinct walk!

Where: Pick up lists and door hangers at Pat’s house at 2711 Levin Court. Then you go to the location of your walking area.

When: Pick up lists any time from 9am to 12pm.  You can walk anytime that works for you.

Why: Because making a personal connection with voters is extremely powerful.  It’s the best way to encourage people to vote for me.

Who: People who are committed to getting me re-elected.  I need your help!

I’ll provide bagels and coffee and bottled water and trail mix bars to keep you energized & hydrated.

Separately, if there are other candidates you are supporting and you would like to distribute their literature as you walk, that’s great, too!

Big shout outs to the volunteers who have precinct walked so far.  You are my heroes.

Everyone has been so generous with their time and money.  It really means a lot to me – Thank You!

Hope to see you this weekend!