October 13, 2018 Campaign Updates

Ballots are out, its time to walk precincts!

Precinct walking is critical to our success. If you’d like to join us Saturday morning at 9 AM, you can pick up the precinct list at Pats house: 2711 Levin Court, Mountain View 94040. Or you can download the PDI software app online (Google Play, Apple Store). We will have bagels, cold water, coffee and snacks to keep you going!

We still have 30 precincts to cover, but I know with a little help from friends, we can make it happen! Thanks to everyone who has helped already!

CSFRA Update

Its more important than ever to support candidates who support rent control. The Sneaky Repeal of Measure V turned in more than enough signatures to qualify for the 2020 ballot.  We will probably need to get a counter-initiative ready that does some administrative cleanups and adds mobile homes to the existing Community Stabilization and Fair Rent Act.

Yard Signs

There are still some yard signs to distribute. Contact Pat at patshow4MV@gmail.com if you or your neighbor would like one!

Sierra Club Support

The Loma Prieta Sierra Club Election Insight 2018 has articles on all the candidates they have endorsed for the 2018 Election. Check out mine on page 7!

Sea Level Report

As an environmental engineer, I jumped at the chance to serve on the Bay Conservation and Development Commission, which is like the Coastal Commission for the San Francisco Bay shoreline. Now the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report is out, and BCDCs work seems more crucial than ever. We are amending our policies to protect the Bay Shoreline cities like Mountain View from rising sea levels while protecting the habitat and providing public access. I am the only candidate who has this kind of expertise.

Government Transparency

Government operating in a transparent manner is a foundational principle I stand behind, and in general, I believe Mountain View operates with a high degree of transparency. An unagendized topic at the October 9th City Council meeting crossed a line for me.

The Council was to make a decision on supporting a Safe Parking Program for RVs that was well-documented in the Council Report. By the way, its a great program.  The goal is to address the rise in homelessness – and in particular, the growing numbers of residents living in vehicles.

But a motion was made to include development of a comprehensive program of new RV parking regulations that was not only off the agenda, but violated the very spirit of the Safe Parking Program. Although we do need to reconsider parking restrictions for RVs, it is important that we publicize that intention so people can come and share their ideas on the subject.

Thanks everyone for your continued support of my campaign! We’ll see you out for precinct walks!