September Updates

Hi all,

Lots of things to report – endorsements, website update, events, candidate forums, and precinct walking..oh my!

The endorsement season is almost over and I’m really honored by all the organizations that have endorsed me, including Santa Clara County Democratic Party and The Sierra club.  Each organization has its own process for granting endorsement. Generally the process includes a questionnaire and an interview.  Going through the endorsement application process gave me an opportunity to THINK about why I am running and what I want to accomplish.  Thank you to these organizations for endorsing me:

My Website – –  has a new look. Please go check it out.  It’s the go to place to find out about events, donate, endorse me, volunteer or find out where I stand on the issues.  If you don’t find what you are looking for, please email me, so we can fix it.  If you have 30-minutes to spend learning about me, I think the video I did with Steve Preminger is a good way to do it.

Multiple events are happening daily.  For instance, this Sunday I went to the Farmer’s Market, the Cuesta Park Neighborhood Picnic and the Cooper Park Ice Cream Social.  Next weekend, I’m looking forward to the Pancake Breakfast. These provide good opportunities to meet me and other candidates. I’m learning so much about what Mountain View voters are really thinking about.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. If you want to host an event, let us know through the website or emailing me directly. I hope you will attend.

The next Candidate Forum is October 15th @ 6PM sponsored by the Old Mountain View Neighborhood Association.  At the September 26th candidate forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters at Google, many of the questions related to housing in the North Bayshore. KMVT will be broadcasting these. Check my website for details.  I think these are a great way to assess candidates.  If you are undecided about who else to vote for, this is a great way to figure it out.  Please urge friends and neighbors to attend these.

PRECINCT WALKING!  The precinct walking season is definitely here and we need people to help.  Groups will be starting from my house every Saturday until the election. Spending a few hours or days on this really helps.  Talking to a live person about a candidate is so powerful! We will prepare lists of likely voters on paper or on a phone app.  Although weekends are the prime time to precinct walk, anytime you have to do it is fine. I’m finding that 4-6:30 is a good time slot. Please sign up by emailing me at and let me know the date and whether you want a paper or a mobile app list.

We are getting the FPPC filing all straight and it looks like we need about $5000 more.  So many have been so generous. Thank you! If you haven’t gotten around to donating, now is a good time.  Donations on the website work well as do checks made out to Pat Showalter for Council 2018.  I always have remittance envelopes with me in case you need one

Forty days to the election!  Let’s pound the pavement!

Thank you!