RE-ELECT Pat Showalter for City Council on November 6th

Promises Made, Promises Kept

Serving on Mountain View’s City Council is the most rewarding job I’ve ever had.

In 2014, I promised to support more housing, better transportation, sustainability and to work regionally.

I have done these things, but there is much more to do.

I’m running for another four year term and ask your support.

I pledge to put to good use the experience, knowledge and relationships I’ve gained serving you.


The Perils of Prosperity

I have talked repeatedly about the Perils of Prosperity that we face – not enough housing and too much traffic. People all over the world envy us as the center of innovation. There are wonderful opportunities here and the diversity of our community creates cultural richness we all enjoy. But we have major challenges. Many people can’t afford to pay rent or buy a home near our jobs, so they drive many miles to work here. That chokes the roads for everyone.

What’s the answer to solving the Perils of Prosperity? Facilitate more housing and an effective transportation system. The City of Mountain View can have direct impact, such as zoning for more housing as we have done in the North Bayshore and along El Camino. We can improve our internal transportation system, enhance the bicycle infrastructure on our City streets and build a reversible bus lane on Shoreline. On a regional level we have worked with other jurisdictions to relieve congestion on 85 and 101, and electrify Caltrain. Mountain View provides an example of an aggressive housing policy.

Our Priorities


  • Ensure that housing in North Bayshore gets built
  • Approve housing in range of styles and price points near transit and jobs
  • Set policies that support strong neighborhoods

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  • Work to prevent homelessness
  • Help our homeless population get needed services and find stable housing
  • Address crime, safety, and health issues
  • Leverage resources from Santa Clara County, Non-profits and the Faith Community

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  • Work to reduce traffic congestion by profiding realistic alternatives to people getting in their cars:
  • Implement innovative transportation technologies as they become available
  • Encourage “active” transportation – walking and biking
  • Applying land use policies that support alternatives to the single occupant car

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  • Ensure that North Bayshore has a school plan
  • Work with our school districts to support teacher housing
  • Continue the tradition of using school grounds as parks
  • Advocate for neighborhood schools

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