I want to tell you about the strategic planning process that the City is embarking on beginning this Saturday,  February 6th as part of the Council Retreat. The meeting starts at 8:30, but the item on strategic planning starts at about 11 a.m.  in conjunction with a City Council retreat.

The process this time is fundamentally different from the goal setting that our City Council has done in the past. Past goal setting sessions took place in a single short meeting, while this will be a longer process with plenty of opportunities for public participation. In particular there should be focus groups and workshops during February & March.


An overview of the process and general schedule can be found at Strategic Planning and Visioning.


The idea is to take some time and consider as a community what our goals should be for the next 2 to 5 years.  I’ve taken part in many strategic planning processes in the past and the best part is the conversations, so I hope residents will take advantage of the opportunities to weigh in with their thoughts and desires, ideas for things that need improvement and things that are necessary, as well suggestions for implementation.


I hope you will participate in these sessions. As always, if you have questions or ideas, please don’t hesitate to  reach out to me directly.



Pat Showalter, Councilmember


p.s.  The County of Santa Clara is making appointments now for all residents over 65 even if you are covered by another medical program.  Click here to start the scheduling process.