Hi all, 
My first two months of serving on City Council again have been full of briefings with most of the Cities’ departments. I’ve been so impressed by how City staff has flexed to meet community needs during the pandemic. Truly, that’s the story in each of our personal lives as well. We have all been challenged to continue as many aspects of our lives as we can. With the reduced infection levels and the vaccination process moving forward, it does seem like there is real progress. Please remember that we still need to wear our masks to maintain this momentum. As we continue to move in this positive direction, I’m struck with how much uncertainty there still is about how things will be after the pandemic. Clearly lots of patience, kindness, and generosity will be needed as we find our new normal.

Three Council Meetings Scheduled for March: 

Although the usual schedule is to have only two Council meetings per month, this month there will be three. Council meetings will be held on March 9, 16, and 23. Each meeting will begin at 4:30pm to allow time to get through all the agenda items. Housing fans will be glad to see study sessions on both the Google Middlefield Park Master Plan AND Shorebird (NBS) Master Plan.

  • March 9: Study Session on the Google Middlefield Park Master Plan. Other agenda items include the Park Land Dedication Ordinance and appointment of a new City Clerk. 
  • March 16: Starts with Closed Session on real property negotiations, followed by interviews for the Public Safety Advisory Board. There are 15 applicants who will be allotted 5 minutes each for the interview. The Strategic Planning workshop will follow the interviews. 
  • March 23: Interviews for the Rental Housing Committee. There are 7 applicants, including 3 incumbent members, who will be allotted 5 minutes each for the interview. Next will be a Study Session on the CIP, followed by an agenda item on the Google Shorebird (NBS) Master Plan. 

Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any input regarding these council agenda items.

If you are interested in staying up-to-date on COVID-19 vaccine eligibility and availability, visit SCCFreeVax.org.